20 Next-Level Cosplay Costumes

Cosplay costumes are known for their vibrant colors and creative designs. Nowadays, cosplay is considered an art form that adds excitement and uniqueness to one’s wardrobe. Some cosplayers’ meticulous craftsmanship even surpasses the original movie costumes. Here are a few exceptional costumes that take cosplay to a whole new level.

1. Dan Cattell’s Nintendo Power:
Cosplayers possess a touch of wizardry, as they dress up as iconic characters like Gandalf or Dumbledore. The skills required to create detailed, life-sized cosplay can only come from a magician-like talent. Sewing, sculpting, and even working with electronics are all part of their repertoire. The team at Nintendo Life, though not skilled in cosplay themselves, can appreciate the artistry involved.

2. Carl Leck and the Demogorgon:
Carl Leck expressed his love for a film by recreating the eerie Demogorgon character. This impressive costume took him 35 hours to construct using materials like cardboard, Gorilla tape, bike cables, and rubber bands. The end result is a terrifying mask adorned with teeth, making it a standout piece at exhibitions. Carl Leck’s talent extends beyond costume design, showcasing his skills as an actor.

3. Resident Evil:
Designed by a Japanese artist, this costume perfectly captures the horrifying appearance of William Birkin, a famous monster from Resident Evil 2. The suit, with its unsettling head protruding from the shoulder, provokes fear and curiosity. Its hideous appearance, including a giant eye seemingly watching your every move, adds to its cinematic quality. Those seeking a similar outfit will need to channel their creativity to match this artist’s level of skill.

4. Transformer for Halloween:
Mark, a Walmart shopper, found himself in a costume dilemma on Halloween. The store had been picked clean, leaving him with only a Thomas the Tank Engine attire, consisting of a hat and apron. Determined to make it up to his child, he took the task upon himself, resulting in a remarkable Transformer costume. With love and dedication, Mark and his team delivered an extraordinary costume that allowed children to fully immerse themselves in their favorite characters.

5. Melissa Irwin’s Costume:
For fans of frightening disguises, Melissa Irwin’s DIY Halloween costume of a terrifying four-legged “Stilt Spirit” is a top choice. She shares a tutorial on how to make this costume on her Etsy page, which can be downloaded for a small fee. While the tutorial is affordable, the materials required, such as drywall stilts, medical crutches, and peg stilts, can be quite expensive, totaling over $200.

6. Thanos Lee’s Groot Suit:
With the release of Avengers: Infinity War, fans were captivated by the formidable villain, Thanos. As anticipation builds for Thanos’ return in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, dedicated cosplayers are already paying homage to the Mad Titan. One particular Thanos cosplay stands out, radiating power as the wearer roams the halls. If the movie’s Thanos is even half as impressive, the Avengers are in for a tough battle.

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