McFarlane Toys Retro Batman 66 King Tut Review #shorts

McFarlane Toys Retro Batman 66 King Tut Review Unboxing and Review. This action figure is a new sculpt of the character from the Adam West 1966 Batman TV series, based on the character played by Victor Buono. For the most part, the sculpt is a very faithful rendition of the character. The colors choice for his costume are nice, and paint apps appear quite clean. The articulation for the arms and shoulders is nice, with wrist swivels for the hands, as well as single-jointed elbow swivels. He has a waist swivel, but doesn’t have any leg articulation. Accessories include a hocked cane and red crop instead of the clip-on sound effects. The quality of the sculpt is generally pretty good, the accessories are easy to get in his hands, and the cape feels pretty high quality, but the articulation makes the action figure quite limited. It looks like the actor from the show though, and it’s a relatively inexpensive option for collectors who want to have this character. This toy is now available exclusively at Target, and you should be able to find him in the brick and mortar store. Is this worth buying? Is this worth the price? At $19.99 it’s a well-detailed figure with somewhat limited articulation but is still quite good.

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Brand: DC Retro

Genre: Movies & TV

Product Type: Action Figure

Series: Pre-Order Now

William Omaha McElroy, highly respected professor of Egyptology at Yale University, was struck in the head by a rock during a violent student protest. When he awoke, McElroy believed himself to be the legendary King Tutankhamun reincarnated, and Gotham City the ancient city of Thebes. From that moment, King Tut sought his rightful throne and city at any cost. Therefore, the Caped Crusaders, and any whom oppose him, are treacherous rebels.

Product Features:

Based on the classic 1960’s TV show
Designed with articulation for posing and play
King Tut’s accessories include a hocked cane and red crop
Packaged in a card backed blister with the iconic old school look of the 1960’s Batman series
Collect all McFarlane Toys DC Retro Figures

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