When Azrael Had His Batsuit

Moveset :

full knight fall suit mod:
Metal Chest Armor:
Red And Black Silver Jacket And Guns:
This allows you to use the skin on batman:
In game console mod and slow mo (your going to need to have your browser translate the website to English):

Instructions to get the 2 red hood Resorep mods to combine like the thumbnail.
(keep in mind i cant even look at most of the dds files and the software i downloaded to look at them just crashes each time i try it)
first copy and paste the files from the folder called “silver” in the black and red mod into Resorep’s modded folder. after that make a folder and put the 2039 red hood files into that folder take all of the armor textures and replace any files in the modded folder and grab a few files from the top of the list and paste it into the modded folder replacing other files and turn on the game to check if you have a purple ish jacket and the chest armor a few times. once you finally get those go back into the black and red mod and get the black and silver jacket and paste those files into the modded folder too and you should be done for the suit (you may get mixed results depending on the order that your pc decides to sort the files)

console code Instructions:
before turning on the game go here” Batman – Arkham KnightBatman – Arkham KnightDLC313100Config” and put in a Bminput file (if you dont know how to make one just look in this file and copy and paste the one in here” /Batman – Arkham KnightBatman – Arkham KnightBmGameConfig” inside of that spot then go in the Bminput file and erase everything in it and then copy and paste this inside of said file:
Bindings=(Name=”F12″,Command=”exec Console.txt”)
Bindings=(Name=”END”,Command=”exec DLC_loading_phase.txt”)
Bindings=(Name=”F11″,Command=”exec bane.txt”)

Put the txt files in the link here “Batman – Arkham KnightBatman – Arkham KnightBinaries”
Start up the game pick one of your saves then press the END key after the mission loads press “F12” a bunch of times your game should freeze right now then go back and go to show case and make sure to have red hood selected for batman skin and then press “F12” a few times on the Anime batsuit then the batman beyond batsuit then go to the flash point back man suit and click it a few times again now pick either any mission (if you play as redhood you get his special targeting icons when you do the batterang special takedown) while the mission is loading spam the F12 key a few times and wait for it to start after the mission begins if you want the normal cape stun instead of the kick move restart the mission and dont press F12

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