Which Arkham Faction Is Strongest? (Tier List)

When playing any Arkham game, every enemy fights almost identically. There might be a few different animations here and there, but in the heat of the moment, how are you gonna pay enough attention to those to notice a difference? Well, I’m here to tell you all the differences you probably missed, as I rank every Arkham Faction from weakest to strongest in a large tier list.

I know I don’t cover every faction in the series, but SHUT UP! I only had so long to put this together, and I couldn’t find profile pictures for the missing ones.

Intro: 0:00 – 0:59
Joker (Asylum): 0:59 – 1:59
Lunatics: 1:59 – 2:48
Two-Face (City): 2:48 – 4:01
Penguin (City): 4:01 – 6:48
Joker (City): 6:48 – 11:30
TYGER: 11:30 – 13:14
Mobsters: 13:14 – 16:24
Penguin (Origins): 16:24 – 18:06
GCPD: 18:06 – 20:12
Anarky: 20:12 – 21:11
Bane: 21:11 – 22:56
Penguin (Knight): 22:56 – 24:12
Two-Face (Knight): 24:12 – 25:05
Dollotrons: 25:05 – 25:47
Harley: 25:47 – 28:34
Riddlerbots: 28:34 – 29:43
Militia: 29:43 – 35:13
Outro: 35:13 –

Evening The Odds
Captive Audience
Invisible Predator
The Art of War
Tunnel Vision
I Think You Should Do As He Says
Protocol 10
Drug Lab
Hit The Deck
Carol of The Bells
Fight For The Sky
Darkest Knight
Fear Within
Body Count
Evening The Odds (Again)

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