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Jester collar was the trickiest, I ended up drafting my own pattern created by overlapping triangles into a circle collar pattern. Jester collar was created out of felt. If you love this amazing female supervillain, take a look at our Hipster Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Costume or our more classic Deluxe Jester Harley Quinn Costume! Hat was made of fleece and I just used a jester ski hat pattern I found in a pattern book. Now that would be slightly different.Of course, that’s the premise of the hit DC Superhero Girls franchise, and we’re sure your girl is hip to these new versions of classic DC comic book characters. The photos show that they considered different versions of the deep V bodysuit as well as more takes on the shorts and small tops. For even more fun, get a friend to dress up as the Joker or as Poison Ivy-you won’t be able to go unnoticed. Whatever be your plans, we’ve picked out some of the coolest Halloween costume ideas for you to get dressed up. Harley Quinn’s memorable costume in Suicide Squad launched a thousand Halloween costumes when the movie was released in 2016. Both visually striking and a departure from her typical jester-inspired look, Margot Robbie’s version of the character was immediately distinct from Harley Quinn in Batman: The Animated Series.

These full costumes include: 1x Harley Quinn jacket, T-shirt, shorts, a wig, four accessories (collar, bracelet, belt, …), and a glove (NOT a pair). Straight out of the Suicide Squad movie, this fun, officially licensed costume features Harley’s white and red shirt, printed with the words “Daddy’s Lil Monster”, and her blue and red jacket, embossed with golden sequins on the sleeves and featuring the words “Property of the Joker” in gold on the back. The full set includes the jacket, t-shirt, shorts, wig, a single glove and accessories of the infamous Gotham villain. Modeled after the one and only Harley Quinn, this snazzy Premium Super Hero Girl’s Costume is made from polyester and includes colorful top, shorts, leggings and matching mask. Become the Queen of Candy this Halloween with some help from this officially licensed DC Comics Harley Quinn Premium Super Hero Girl’s Costume. Of course no outfit look would be complete for Harley Quinn without including her iconic introduction into the world of DC Comics to begin with. While Harley is known for her weird arsenal of weapons, some sweet armor like Jessica Nigri is touting could do her a world of good.

She met him while working as a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum where Joker was a patient. While done with the celebrity outfits, it’s mandatory to look at our winter trench coats collection. Again, this will need some black diamond shapes attached to the red side of the pants and the same makeup look. Shrunk on my copier printer to get the shapes I wanted. For a great couples’ costume, you could also get a friend or partner to put on a Joker Costume and transform into Batman’s infamous arch-nemesis! Granted, Disney has so many great female characters that it should be of little surprise. They will be great for a Halloween costume or for simply walking around during especially hot days. And we’re happy to affirm that her loving Harley is a great decision! This is the new official child Harley Quinn Halloween costume for girls. Shortly after casting was confirmed, the full, official title of the spinoff was confirmed as well as the news that Cathy Yan, who has directed one film previous to her hiring, was brought on board as director. This amazing Harley Quinn costume is probably one of the best to achieve your goal!

Wait no more and fulfill your wildest dreams in your favorite realistic heroine costume! More on DC Super Hero Girls Girls Romper Harley Quinn Costume: She can be her quick-witted. This seems like more of a convenient fix to write out Leto’s character. Check out all of our DC Superhero Girls styles to outfit all her friends in this fun theme! Cut out three black diamonds. The costume also comes with red and blue sequinned shorts and a black belt with silver studs. Accessories are mainly black and gold. So here are all the gadgets and stuff that you will need to create and make your Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Costume ready in seconds. The most elegant and stylish stuff carried by Robbie is her leather gun holster. Margot Robbie. As if Harley’s popularity was less, Margot Robbie took the character’s popularity to another level with her fantabulously crazy personality. Then Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn goes off the rails. I just drafted a diamond in a medium size then enlarged.