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The red dress is forced on her when she’s kidnapped, and she continues to wear it largely because she never gets the opportunity to change. Harley Quinn has had numerous outfits over the years, but mainly three signature looks: traditional harlequin, New 52 change up, and the more casual Suicide Squad style outfit. Before you cosplay as Harley Quinn, find a blonde wig or consider dying your own hair so you can style it into pigtails with coloured ends. When it comes to Harley Quinn, people think immediately of her in the Batman franchise or as the girlfriend of the Joker. Below I have gathered 25 of what I think are the best Harley Quinn cosplays (in no particular order). Think you can’t learn to draw? 2. Next, harley quinn cosplay begin to draw Harley’s costume. 1. Begin by sketching Harley’s face. Then, create a classic look on your face by wearing pale makeup and using dark lipstick and eyeliner.

On the head, as always, draw two symmetrical lines of the face. The lines should form a rounded, ovular shape, leaving an open space where they do not connect. 3. Use curved lines to sketch the bent triangular shape of the remaining sleeve. Then, use curved lines to sketch the butterfly shape of Harley’s mask. The traditional mask doesn’t do much good at disguising her identity, especially when she carries that giant hammer around. People speculate that Harley’s hammer can be wielded by her due to her shocking strength. If you are confident enough, you can skip to the first part right away with part 2 as the video tutorial. Harley Quinn’s cosplay suit is a vital part of her character. While Harley has been a character in the DC Comics for decades, it wasn’t until Margot Robbie played her in 2016’s Suicide Squad that interest in the villain skyrocketed to the next level. The corset-like bodice is similar to concepts from the Injustice series, while the makeup (especially the diamond shapes around the eyes) is more reminiscent of Batman: The Telltale Series. Harley’s final appearance in the Arkham franchise (thus far) came when she appeared in the last game of the series, Batman: Arkham Knight.

Harley Frances Quinzel was once a psychologist for the criminally insane at Gotham’s Arkham Asylum. Harley quinn ballpoint pen drawing by demoose21 on deviantart. Or as finished as it can get, realism can be challenging, there is no limit on how detailed a drawing can be. For Halloween or cosplay parties, you can find Harley Quinn everywhere. Perfect for conventions, costume parties, Halloween and more! We Have got 11 pics about How Do You Draw Harley Quinn images, photos, pictures, backgrounds, and more. And of course, she’s got a whole new look. Want to know how to color realistically? This part is important to draw her to be realistic, you need to have a harmonious color scheme, the brightness of the painting is reasonable. First to draw her like a real two part for beginners. Harley’s hair in her new design has become a huge part of her trademark. This newer, duo-chrome design of Harley’s hair really has great vibes to it, and Andrasta’s makeup and hair in this shot really does a great job of showcasing it! Beethy does a great job with that iteration of the character, and looks shockingly similar to Margot as well!

Thelema does an amazing job at recreating this vintage design in her cosplay! This cosplay is not only super detailed and absolutely stunning, but the Harley pun? You can dress like Harley Quinn by wearing a baseball tee, shorts, fishnet stockings, and some boots. It completes with a jazzy jacket with attached top, sparkling shorts, tights and a belt. We’re looking at you, clear caution tape and ribbon-sleeved jacket! She is a psychiatrist, and like you, she is very happy here. There are also several female Jedi like Ahsoka Tano and the more recent Rey. See more ideas about harley quinn, harley, harley quinn drawing. One character with a more toned down wardrobe is Huntress. You’re bound to bump into someone who’s also a fan, perhaps even wearing the same cartoon character costume! Fans everywhere have always loved Harley, even when she was only meant to be a small side character in her creation. They won’t be appreciated as much as Joker and other crime partners, but if your partner loves the character of Deathstroke, then you can try partnering your favorite choice.

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