kisuke urahara cosplay costume

But, it sure didn’t help when someone would pull them by their hair, or grab it in order to smash their face into the turnbuckle or the ring. You’ve got the hair, now just get the Halloween costume and you’re set! As the most powerful character on screen, iron man costume adult there are so many people that only wish they were as cool as Gandalf! Reviewers are “blown away” with the quality of this wig given its inexpensive price, with one writing: “The synthetic hair is such good quality that from afar, it looks like the real deal.” Many others agree, like this reviewer who says that “the quality of the hair is amazing and looks so realistic,” and others who say it is “beautiful” and “extremely soft and doesn’t have that tacky wig shine to it.” People also love the “gorgeous” color range – which includes blue, rose, silver, and more – with one cosplayer saying that they “would love to buy another one in a different color because they so look amazing.