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In most of the other fan art images we see of her, she looks more serious and a little bit crazy. Her crazy colored hair. The artist used bright pink and bright blue on Harley Quinn’s hair and on her face. This Harley Quinn fan art pays homage to the old school costume that she once wore in comic books back in the 40s and 50s. Nowadays, when we think of Harley Quinn we do not picture her with this costume anymore but it is still pleasant to see if an artist reflecting back on the old days. From the picture you may find that the white face is some kind of make-up, painted white, we used to make this suit open face, buy many of our customers said that they want this suit to be made full body with just open eyes and mouth, so now, we make this Harley Quinn cosplay costume with open eyes and mouth, not open face, please pay attention to that. Before Margot Robbie took on the role, fans were drawing their own ideas of what Harley Quinn the joker costume should look like all the time. This is another amazing Harley Quinn fan art piece.

Female silver watch 2 - free stock photo Harley Quinn firstly made her debut in Batman: The Animated Series as Joker’s sidekick. This animated Harley Quinn fan art looks like it could belong in an adult humor cartoon! Margot Robbie is the actress who has famously brought the character of Harley Quinn to life in movies like Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey. Harley Quinn looks very relaxed in this fan art. March in those heels down the street and you’ll certainly feel as powerful and dangerous as Harley. We can see her makeup dripping down her cheeks as well. With a tight budget, you can also get the perfect makeup look. This fan artist decided to get creative. The artist also incorporated bubblegum into the drawing which a lot of other fan artists did not add. In the background of this Harley Quinn fan art, we can see a close-up headshot of The Joker in the background! Harley Quinn was not the only iconic DC character to appear on the silver screen for the first time in “Suicide Squad,” and the film made many divisive decisions when it came to adapting its many bad guys. It’s the spookiest night of the year, it’s Halloween Night, and Harley Quinn and her friends are getting ready to haunt the streets and do bad things.

The person who drew this fan art was probably trying to make a similar comparison between the character of Harley Quinn and Margot Robbie as an actress. Unleash your own wild side with our vibrant collection of Harley Quinn costumes and fancy dress accessories for adults and kids. Want your own harley quinn outfit loosely based on arkham city and suicide squad? There have been plenty of great actors who lent their vocal talents to the character in her various incarnations, but no one will ever embody Harley quite like the very woman who inspired her. This is a great fan art piece. This Harley Quinn fan art looks super different from the way Margot Robbie looked in the Suicide Squad movies. Hit the play button of the Harley Quinn And Friends game for girls, deal with the very first given task and collect all the achievements. This animated Harley Quinn fan art looks absolutely gorgeous! Check out all of these amazing and delightful Harley Quinn fan art pieces that artists have painted, drawn, or designed on their computers for the world to see.

Find It Here. This great Harley Quinn jacket has been used by the best cosplayers. People have a lot of respect for the old-school image of Harley Quinn with her jester-like costume made up of a clown-style hat and a red & black jumpsuit. You should try this replica of Harley Quinn Yes Sir Bracelet. Below are mentioned the costumes that could make you imitate the personality of Harley Quinn in the real world. Once again, here we can see Harley Quinn in her original red and black costume from the 40s and 50s. In this particular fan art piece, the artist drew Harley Quinn with her eyes closed and her tongue out, making her out to have a very silly expression. As an alternate idea for the shirt, I saw a cute Harley Quinn costume look that was made using a white t-shirt with red sleeves. Speaking of Harley Quinn, one has to mention the costumes of the characters in her original animated series.