(Full Movie) Dracula Unabridged: A *true to book retelling

CAST (In order of appearance)
Cabby: Jocelyn Perez
Jonathan Harker: Zachary McConnell
Count Dracula: Jacob Brantmeyer
Dracula’s wife 1: Briana Andrade
Dracula’s wife 2: Enggie Ocampo
Dracula’s wife 3: Erin King
Captain of the Demeter/The Undertaker: John Perez
Cabin Boy: Marcus Strong
Mina Harker: Juniper Burgess
Lucy Westerna/Mrs. Westerna: Grace McCray
Arthur Holmwood: Sebastian Hernandez
Jack Seward: Joseph Potz
Nurse No Name/Sister Agatha: Sophie Ball
Renfield: Jackson Nagata
Swales: Jonathan Marsden
Abraham Elizabeth Van Helsing: Rossi Smith
Quincy Morris: Ricardo Moran
The Great Eastern Hotel Hostess: Christine Alfaro
The Little Girl: Meriam Shams
Newsie: Austin McConnell

Thank you all for your incredible work!

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Vivaldi – The Four Seasons – Spring
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Liborio Conti

Produced by Danya Vodovoz

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